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January 20th, 2011

01:13 am - Gundam Wing & 00 smut event: THE CHURCH OF LEMONS HAS RETURNED!
*cue Handel’s "Hallelujah", like so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCFCeJTEzNU *

For the eight year in a row, the Love Reflection Mailing List will be home to a blessed birthwave of lemony goodness to cleanse our sinful souls and spread the faith of the lemon to the hungering masses.

Your intrepid mods this year are cantabrasil03 and omnicat. Special mention and endless showerings of praise and gratitude go to wingzerohugs, who is kind enough to finance this year’s prizes.

What exactly is the Church of Lemons, I hear the ignorant and the forgetful ask?Collapse )

If you’re wondering what types of fanwork you can pledge for, I’ll tell you.Collapse )

Sounds good so far, huh? But the most important part is, of course, the couples that’ll be doing the sexing.Collapse )

Do note: all fanworks MUST be het-only.Collapse )

Alrighty, now that that’s all cleared up... When are we starting?Collapse )

But wait, I’m not a member of the Love Reflection ML!Collapse )

Hold on, didn’t you say something about prizes?Collapse )

Contact Information:

Any post made to the ML will be automatically seen by the moderators. You can also reply to this post, send either MG or Omnicat a PM, or e-mail us at: churchoflemons@gmail.com . We are anxiously awaiting your pledges!! Please, spread the word as far as you can. The Church of Lemons seeks to spread enlightenment among old friends and new blood alike. :D

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May 24th, 2010

10:12 pm - Vlog reviews: Gundam SEED Destiny.
I'm going to be reviewing various Mecha shows, in chunks of episodes (right now I'm liking 5 at a time.) I'm a big fan of Chuck Sonnenberg's net Trek reviews, known as Sci-fi Debris. and I kinda wanted to do something similar but with sci-fi mecha anime, leaning towards the Real Robot side of things.

So, just like Chuck started with ST Voyager, I'm starting with Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny. I've reviewed SEED 1-5 so far, I've tried to tighten up my review structure (I script myself now.) and I hope some of you might find it interesting. (especially if you disagree with me. I love debating about mecha, especially show I end up being harsh towards. I try to be a fair reviewer even if I don't like something, and sometime I may make a vlog/audio file just to address feedback and debate.)

You can just grab the pure audio at my blog at http://appliedphlebotinum.wordpress.com but I have Videos on Viddler. I find it far superior to YT.

Gundam SEED 1-5 vlog/review (Part 1)

Gundam SEED 1-5 vlog quick addendum.

I'll keep you up to date. It actually takes me a lot of time to produce these so updates may be infrequent, but If you wanna give me feedback, definitely drop a comment or E-mail me at clawshrimpy@gmail.com

I hope you guys enjoy.

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February 16th, 2010

12:31 pm - perfect☆grade | a gunpla alliance
Are you interested in Gunpla but ironically unable to get your daily Gunpla fix from the regular Gundam communities? Are you an amateur who has just started trying your hand at building kits, yet only improving slowly due to the lack of helpful advice from other Gunpla-assembling fans; or, perhaps, an expert Gundam enthusiast who would like to impart your skills to other dedicated fans? If so, then perfectgrade is just for you!

perfectgrade is a community dedicated to discussion and generally spreading the love for Gunpla and model kit assembling in general, regardless of series. Feel free to share your enthusiasm about upcoming model kits, give informative or brief reviews about model kits, share your techniques to guide other users along the journey to Gunpla masterpieces, or simply show off your latest creations by sharing pretty photographs!

Join us today! ♥
code | banner

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July 17th, 2009

06:59 pm - Doing some shooting
I've set up my studio to do some photos. Here's the a couple of the early shots. I'll be snapping everything from a Gaiking Jumbo Machinder to Front Mission Wanzers to my Soul of Popynica Space Battleship Yamato. I'll try to share the good stuff here.

Gundam Astray

1/60 VF-1J Hikkaru Ichijo, with Super Parts

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July 7th, 2009

12:10 pm - Brothers in arms
Worked on this while watching Miss Marple last night.

These two are long running characters in my sketch book. They are from abio/mechanical race. While they do wear armour, it's hard to tell where it starts and their bodies begin.

For centuries their culture was divided into a strict caste system. The warrior caste, to which they - titularly - belong was particularly insular. Eugenics programs designed to breed better warriors eventually led to inbreeding and physical mutations. While the castes have, ostensibly, been dissolved for hundreds of years, many of the warrior line still bear disfiguring mutations.

There is a bit of digital work in here, though it's about 96% pen, ink and pencil. Part of the background is obviously digital - the pencils didn't scan well - but the rest of the cleanup and additions blend pretty seamlessly.

- commission custom art? -

Brothers in arms drawing

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March 21st, 2009

08:30 pm
Hey all. I'm new here and I thought I would share these with my fellow Lambo and Transformers lovers. My lovely friend Liz is a crafting goddess and made these lovely pillows of our favorite twins for me. And she made herself a plush bumblebee! For those who might want some of their own, she does accept commissions. So, if you want your own set of Lambos or another bot feel free to drop her a note on DA if you are on there. If you're not on DA you can chek her out on Etsy! http://lizstaley.etsy.com. Oh, and because I'm a crazy fan girl she is going to be making.. TF Care Bears as per my request and design. If you want to see the designs I have for those let me know!

And enjoy the pics!! I know I do! (links below)


I hope this is allowed, if not I will delete the post.

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June 14th, 2008

06:44 pm
(If this podcast plug isn't allowed, please delete.)

Hot Blood Podcast is a podcast about Digimon, Mecha, Tokusatsu and some Gaming (mostly SRW, but sometimes we touch on others.)

if you're interested, head on over to hotbloodpodcast

(X_posted to various Digimon, Mecha, and Tokusatsu comunities.)

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May 2nd, 2008

03:33 pm - Heavy Tone.
A little while back Paul Pope was talking about how hard it is to find Zip-A-Tone sheets. to get around this he was going to make high res scans of the sheets to use digitally. I thought that was pretty clever idea, but i don't have any sheets, and they're impossible to find, so I opted to make my own.

I made a sheet of roughly 50% gray in illustrator. Since it's vector I can resize the pattern to any Rees or size loslessly. As an example the very small dot patter and the very large pattern is from the same file.

Whaddaya think?

- commission custom art? -

Heavy Tone

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April 11th, 2008

01:27 pm - Keep yer head down
Just drawing for the sake of getting ink on my fingers.

- commission custom art? -

TT Cartoon
If you want to dig some of my other roboty drawings - on LJ - just click here.
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